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Christ Church Choir

Christ church Bexleyheath is fortunate to have a solid choral tradition stretching back over very many decades. Blessed with a fine acoustic in the chancel, a solid Hunter organ and the enthusiasm and commitment of the choir members the church retains a healthy four-part robed choir. The musical mainstay remains centred mostly around traditional hymnody, anthems, psalms and motets; in more recent years these have been supplemented by responsorial psalms, Taize music, and plainsong to reflect the changes in worship patterns and also adopted by many other churches in the UK and abroad. A sung service setting is used for the Sung Eucharist. The church is fortunate to have a vast choir library incorporating music of most musical periods and styles. Whilst some copies are over 100 years old but there are also many much more recent things!

The choir is affiliated to the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) which aims to promote a high standard of singing in church. The RSCM offers a “Voice for Life” scheme through which affiliated churches instruct their choristers both in musical technique, musical theory and other matters. The RSCM offers courses which individuals or groups may attend, in the past the choir have attended the Diocesan Choral Festival in Rochester Cathedral. Christchurch has also produced some award-winning choristers in the past.

In addition to our usual Sunday morning patterns of worship we also like to do a BCP 1662 Choral Evensong several times a year in addition to other special occasions such as the Advent Carol Service and the Christmas Carol Service. We welcome and are grateful for additional singers from other churches in the area to come and help out as and when they are able.

So what are the benefits of joining the choir?

Firstly, singing in a group can be great fun. In order to get the best results everyone has to pull together to produce a unified and balanced sound. As well as learning valuable musical skills the choir also provides an opportunity for social interaction with others. For juniors the choir offers valuable skills in how to perform in part of a group with a sense of commitment and value. Musicianship and singing skills can be advanced alongside literacy skills used at school.

Secondly, singing in the choir is a satisfying combination of fun and hard work. In order to get the best result choristers need to develop their listening skills to listen to the other choir members around them and ensure they are giving of their best at all times.

The church rewards its choir members for their time. Choir social events are held once or twice a year. For the juniors this might include a trip to the cinema or a day out to an interesting venue. The adults in the choir are friendly and keen to see some more junior members join the choir.

The choir get paid for attending and singing at weddings. This can be useful pocket money for juniors or adults!

  9 Lesson and Carols 2017

For further information about the choir please speak to a Choir member or Tony Holcroft after a service on Sunday.

Alternatively please email an enquiry via our contact page and we will be in contact shortly.

The Christ Church Choir and Friends

Directed by Tony Holcroft

17th December h 2017

Organist  Michael King

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