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Pincott Hall

In the smaller Pincott Hall, the lights run across the hall on beams and are only 3.5 metres with much less than that between them. Definitely not enough room for a bouncy castle! 

Hiring Fees - Pincott Hall - £30 per hour.

The Pincott Hall floor is in two sections:

The main floor – the boarded part - is 9 metres from entrance door to start of the carpeted area, and 7 metres 35 cm wide; and a further but narrower 1 metres 92 cm area carpeted where it is only 4 metres wide before you reach the main carpeted area which is a further 3 metres to the end, and just 4 metres wide, therefore a total of 4 metres 92 cm length of this narrower 4 metres wide bit next to the stairs & disabled lift. 

There are 32 chairs and 8 folding tables, stored in the corner of the hall.

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