Roberts Hall

In the Roberts Hall, the larger hall, the floor is 3 metres 85 cm, and the rows are 15 2 apart (4m 62). Between the rows of lights, the arched roof beams are higher by a least a foot (30cm), rising to more in the middle. the rows of lights are 3 metres 85 cm.

Hiring fees - Roberts Hall - £40 per hour.

The Roberts Hall floor measures 45 feet 11 inches (14 metres) front to back (plus stage), and exactly 32 feet (9m 77) side to side (Ref 136.8m) and seats up to 120 with accompaning tables (Note that stiletto heels or steel-tipped/capped boots are not permitted on the wooden floor.)

The 12 folding tables are 72 x 30 (6 foot by 2 half foot or 1m 82cm by 76cm) and there are sorted in the Roberts Hall cupboard (left of stage).

The 120 folding chairs are stored in cupboard(s) at the far end, left (& right) of stage.